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Technology Coordinators

Kite® Student Portal

Kite Student Portal is the secure application used by students to take tests. Once launched, students are prevented from accessing any unauthorized webpages or other applications while testing is in progress.

Click the device platform logos below to access Kite Student Portal installation links and instructions, a current list of supported platform versions, and additional resources to help promote a smooth testing experience.

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Supported Platforms

ChromeOS 102+

Minimum supported version for 2024-25: Chrome 108


If you plan to use Android tablets for the 2024-25 school year, please contact the Kite Service Desk first. Some Android tablet models may not be supported for secure testing and must be approved prior to completing assessments in Kite Student Portal.

Supported Platforms

iPad iOS 14.3 – 17.4.1
*Please refrain from using iOS 17.1 & 17.2 as they are currently unsupported.

Minimum supported version for 2024-25: iOS 15.8.2

Supported Platforms

macOS 11.1 – 14.4.1
*Please consider using macOS 12 and above when running Kite Student Portal.

Minimum supported version for 2024-25: macOS 12.7.4

Supported Platforms

Windows 8.1, 10, and 11
*Student Portal for Windows is an accessible client compatible with screen reader programs such as NVDA and JAWS®

Minimum supported version for 2024-25: Windows 10

Screen Requirements

The minimum screen resolution required for Student Portal is 1024x768.

If you notice the media/text in a test session is exceeding the section borders in Kite Student Portal, your testing device may be defaulting to a display scale that is too large. Kite's recommended guidelines for your device's display scale are listed below.

  • If your device’s recommended screen resolution is 1366 x 768, the display scale should not exceed 100%.
  • If your device’s recommended screen resolution is 1600 x 900, the display scale should not exceed 100%.
  • If your device’s recommended screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, the display scale should not exceed 125%.

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Kite Educator Portal

Kite Educator Portal is a secure, web-based platform designed to aid educators and administrative personnel in the administration of assessments, including student and user enrollment, monitoring activity, and tracking results.

The following browsers support Kite Educator Portal for the 2023-24 school year:

Mozilla Firefox
google chrome
Google Chrome
microsoft edge
Microsoft Edge

Release Notes

Kite Releases Date Software
Updraft (pdf) Latest April 2024 Educator Portal, Student Portal

Kite Suite

To learn more about the Kite Suite and its solutions for assessments, content integration, data collection, and more, please visit the Kite Assessments website.