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Kite Parent Portal User Guide

Table of Contents

  Kite Parent Portal User Guide (pdf) - Coming soon!
  Manual de Usuario para Kite Parent Portal (pdf) - Coming soon!

1. Overview

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What is Parent Portal?

Kite® Parent Portal is a service provided for parents and guardians to access access their student's reports from current and past assessments taken in Kite Student Portal.

This user guide contains procedures to help you log in and navigate through the site to access your student’s available reports.

How Do I Access Parent Portal?

Parent Portal can be accessed from both computers and mobile devices. You will need to use a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari on your device. You will also need the ability to view PDF documents. This functionality is built into most browsers, but may require installation of additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1.2.  Which Assessment Reports are Available?

Depending on participation, your child may have current and historical assessment reports available in any of the assessment programs and subjects listed in the table below.

Assessment Program Subjects/Domains Tested Grades
New Mexico ASR Science 5, 8, 11
2. How Do I Log In? >